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“Of the soloists the most remarkable was Hugh Mackey, a dark velvet bass with a full even range”


Mary MacGoris Irish Independent

“Hugh Mackey, a splendid bass”


Sunday Tribune Ian Fox

“Diesem Klangbild fügten sich die Gesangssolisten wirksam ein – der ausdrucksreiche, schmiegsame Bariton Hugh Mackey…“  

„The vocal soloists responded to this effectively – the expressive, supple baritone Hugh Mackey…”


Brahms: Ein deutsches Requiem. Benefizkonzert für die Frauenkirche. Wolfgang Gubisch

Dresdner Zeitung

 „Mit Ernst und wohltuend wenig opernhaft fügte sich die Stimme des Solist Hugh Mackey ein“

„The voice of soloist Hugh Mackey blended the serious with the soothingly operatic”


Michael Bartsch Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

“The Counts all round have been excellent…James Morris...and Thomas Lander…Hugh Mackey from Northern Ireland, more darkly intense, has the edge in final vocal projection”    


"The Guardian” Michael Billington

“Hugh Mackey (Nord Irland) als Graf…wurde seine Partie auf bemerkenswertem Niveau gerecht…ließ erkennen, dass er schon Reife und Buhnenerfahrung aufweisen und in Salzburg nun den letzten Schliff bekommen hat ”

„Hugh Mackey (Northern Ireland) as the Count…was a match for his role to a remarkable level….showed that he already has maturity and stage experience and has now put the finishing touches to it in Salzburg”


“Opern Welt” Imre Fabian

“In Debussy’s “L’Enfant Prodigue” de bas-bariton Hugh Mackey bezit een warme en goed gewormde stem. Met veel overtuingskracht zong hij de oogsten van Simeon“

“Also, we were amazed by the bass-baritone Hugh Mackey with a warm and well-rounded voice, singing, very convincingly, the heights of Simeon”


Gazette van Antwerpen A.D. Sutter Belgium

“Equally confident and successful here was the Belfast-born baritone soloist Hugh Mackey, who displayed an excellent and well-schooled voice in a performance of great style and marked sensitivity and sincerity”


Vaughan-Williams’ “Fantasia on Christmas Carols” Rathcol Belfast Telegraph

“Hugh Mackey suitably enraptured in the solo contribution”


CD Review

“Though it is almost too beautiful – and Hugh Mackey sings it beautifully-“


Classic CD

“Baritone Hugh Mackey…every word comprehended without effort”


Fanfare Magazine

"Mackey …persuasive exponent in the Nocturne. "


"The Nocturne requires a baritone…requirement very well filled by Hugh Mackey."


The Washington Post Joseph McLellan

"Hugh Mackey shapes the notes with a caress"


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All portrait photos taken by Pepe Escuredo